How to Create Chord Diagram in Apache Superset

1) Choose Tables

2) Click on Add tables

3) Add database, schema and table and click on save

4) Click on edit table

5) Scroll down

6) Click on add Owners and scroll down

7) Click on SQL Lab view to make it available in SQL Lab

8) Click on save

9) Click on Visualization Type to choose chart type

10) Choose Chord Diagram

11) Choose time range standard or custom

12) Enter Custom date if you are using existing dataset

13) Choose Source field for Chord Diagram

14) Choose Target field for Chord Diagram

15) Choose Metric and Aggregate type (i.e sum/average etc)

16) Click on Customize to choose color option

17) choose diagram color and click on run query

18) Enter description for you chart

19) Click on save to add chart to save or add to dashboard

20) You have a option for chart to add to existing dashboard or new dashboard, click on save and go to dashboard.

21) Click on edit dashboard to make changes in chart dimension and placement and scroll down

22) Now adapt the dimension according to your preferred layout.

23)  Click on save dashboard after making changes to your chart.