Apache Superset Installation on MacOS (Command Line)

Now before starting installation make sure you have installed XCode command line tools, if you have not installed then you can install by typing below command.

xcode-select –install

Step 1) Now visit miniconda website and download miniconda installer for MacOS as shown in below screenshot.

Step 2): Move to Download folder and type command in screenshot to start miniconda installation

Step 3): Enter Yes to proceed further

Step 4): Enter Yes to proceed further

Step 5): Enter Yes to proceed further, Once Installation is finished you can type exit on terminal and reopen terminal so that installation can take effect.

Step 6): Now type command pip install apache-superset to start installation

Step 7): Initialize the database by typing command superset db upgrade

Step 8): Create an admin user by typing below commands

export FLASK_APP=superset

superset fab create-admin

Then you will be prompted for you will be prompted for username, first and last name, email id and password as shown on below screen

Step 9) Load some data by typing command superset load_examples

Step 10): Create default roles and permissions by typing command superset init

Step 11): Run superset by typing command superset run

Step 12): Now Superset will be available at https://localhost:5000

Step 13): Login in Apache superset with id and password

Step 14) Choose Dashboard as per your choice

Step 15:) Now Dashboard will be displayed